Training Activities

Designing and Writing Audit Reports


Introduce participants to the approaches for designing, writing, and delivering audit reports that deliver the essential messages.

The communication means discussed are the formal to the informal, from hardcopy to electronic delivery, and from text to graphics to fit your organization needs

8 Hours

 Managing the Internal Audit Activity

8 Hours

Introduces Participants to the responsibilities and duties of; Planning and communication, Resource management, Policies and procedures, and Coordination Based on the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing

 Conducting the Internal Audit Engagement

8 Hours

Introduces Participants to the technical aspect of; Collecting engagement information,

Building up the working papers, Approaches to communicating results, and Monitoring progress.

Internal Audit Activity’s Role in Governance, Risk and Internal Control

4 Hours

Introduces Participants to the essentials of; The internal audit activity’s purpose, Authority and responsibility, Organizational independence & objectivity, Proficiency and due professional care, Continuing professional development, Quality assurance & improvement program, and The IIA’s ‘Code of Ethics’.

 Components and Tools of Controls

8 Hours

Introduces Participants To Control as a concept What are the components of control, and What are the tools used for controlling.

How to Establish a Risk-based Plan and to Determine the Priorities of the Internal Audit Activity

8 Hours

This course discusses and communicates the following topics:

Establish a framework for assessing risk Use the framework to:

a. Identify sources of potential engagements (e.g., audit universe, management request, regulatory mandate)

b.  Assess organization-wide risk

c.  Solicit potential engagement topics from various sources

d.  Collect and analyze data on proposed engagements

e.  Rank and validate risk priorities

Identify internal audit resource requirements

Coordinate the internal audit activity's efforts with:

a.  External auditor

b.  Regulatory oversight bodies

c.  Other internal assurance functions (e.g., health and safety department)

 Select engagements:

a. Participate in the engagement selection process

b.  Select engagements

c.  Communicate and obtain approval of the engagement plan from board

 How to Identify and Mange Commercial Banks Risks

8 Hours

Provide the Governing bodies and Senior Management with the knowledge and tools to identify and analyze the risk within commercial banking in an incisive manner that will permit the strategic direction of resources to improve its banks’ ability to meet its business objectives.

 “Certification in Control Self-Assessment® (CCSA®)” Review Program

14 Hours

The course prepares participants to sit for the CCSA exam tests.  The CCSA exam tests your understanding of important CSA fundamentals, processes, and related topics such as risk, controls, and business objectives

 “Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA) ” Review Program(In Arabic and English)

120 Hours

The CIA designation is the only globally accepted certification for internal auditors and remains the standard by which individuals demonstrate their competency and professionalism in the internal auditing field. Participants leave the program enriched with educational experience, information, and business tools that can be applied immediately in any organization or business environment

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