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OverSight understands how difficult it is for the business entities to identify and select the Chief Audit Executive/ Vice President for its internal audit function, its ethics function or compliance function. Just leave the task to the OverSight. With its wide network in international oversight domain, OverSight can quickly put together the process to recruit persons who fit the industry and its unique corporate culture.

The background screening of individuals in such recruitment becomes simple with own back-end processes that ensure that persons with integrity and professionalism are short listed for selection.

The Process

OverSight maintains continuous watch on the eligible candidates who are or become available for hire, their preferences, background history and professional standing in the oversight domain.

The selection process is conducted by the OverSight panel of expert oversight executives, either practicing currently or veterans in the subject field. These panels may include the client nominated person to oversee the transparency of recruitment process and who may provide the Panel with entity specific inputs.

The Assurance Framework

OverSight has incorporated the background screening process as the integral part of recruitment of the heads of oversight (internal audit, ethics, Compliance, investigation) functions. The candidates are rigorously checked for their integrity, history, professionalism and work place behavior

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Round pegs for round holes - employ the right person

It is catastrophic for an organization to have misfits for the oversight functions. Typically, HR departments go by the traditional approach of job description, interviews of short-listed candidates and the final employment decisions. In oversight regime, the background screening must come first with checks on reputation followed by the necessary HR practices. An outsourced recruitment of auditors, investigators, ethics officers, compliance officers, and M&E professionals makes much more sense than replicating the capacity within.

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