Ethics Management

For the Managers: More often than not, managers who wish to behave ethically in their day-today work in accordance with their organizational policies may still find embroiled in delicate issues of deciding what is right and what is not. Large organizations generally provide the Ethics officer to help in such decision making.

Many others may not have the luxury to set up dedicated resources, particularly in times of downsizing. OverSight provides confidential and secure advisory services to its clients, Just a phone call away. One may wish to combine this service with executive mentoring program.

For those wanting to report ethical issues

One comes across instances of inappropriate ethical behavior on the part of the organization, top management, staff members, contractors, shareholders or other stakeholders. These instances for example may tie down the organization in legal knots and may affect financially or harm its reputation. Ethics Call service of the OverSight Consulting provides that preferred first choice reporting mechanism whereby the problems could be nipped in bud.

For overseas NGOs, Governments and agencies

It is particularly important for the overseas NGOs, Governments and multi-lateral agencies to ensure that funds donated for pro-poor development projects and programs reach the intended target population. Special ethics call mechanism may become necessary to gather relevant, credible and timely information, mostly addressing the local knowledge, local languages and cultural differences. OverSight would be able to address these unique needs globally

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So much depends on reputation - Guard it!

Being alert to potential attacks on your organization's reputation is half the battle won. Thwarting the attacks and re-directing them to where they belong are the strategic choices that could be made only if one is fully alerted about them in time. Ethics Call offers the mechanism to gather those crucial bits of information and then organizes them in coherent statements that make sense.

Ethics management is much more than just managing the intake of complaints and allegations. It is about building a culture of ethics. Awareness campaigns, visibility to the ethics promotion efforts and strong belief of everyone in and around the entity are some of the tasks that could best be outsourced.


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