Oversight governance that is independent, objective and professional would lend the managers the tools to continuously monitor their strategic vision, mission, goals and objectives. The same structures would visibly, through their reports, comfort and instill confidence in the stake-holders."

For the Managers: More often than not, managers who wish to behave ethically in their day-today work in accordance with their organizational policies may still find embroiled in delicate issues of deciding what is right and what is not. Large organizations generally provide the Ethics officer to help in such decision making.

As a governance body or stakeholder in an entity, you are constantly concerned about the reputation risks, frauds, regulatory compliance and the financial and operational health of your organization. Many times, the organization may not have the capacity to investigate serious concerns or may not want the unwarranted rumors within the organization. Both situations may result in serious compromise in poorly conducted investigation or unnecessary publicity.

OverSight understands how difficult it is for the business entities to identify and select the Chief Audit Executive/ Vice President for its internal audit function, its ethics function or compliance function. Just leave the task to the OverSight. With its wide network in international oversight domain, OverSight can quickly put together the process to recruit persons who fit the industry and its unique corporate culture.

Realizing the capacity and capability limitations in many organizations, many entities have resorted to outsourcing fully or partly the internal audit functions. OverSight is prepared for the outsourcing internal audits that may take any of the following forms and many more;

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