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Oversight is a boutique management consulting firm.

Oversight Consulting and Training is a Boutique consulting firms offer businesses and corporations’ highly specialized advice that addresses specific problems or aspects of a business or that provide services to specific types of businesses. A firm that leverages senior executive talent to help clients plan, manage and execute large, complex organizational change programs and business process improvements. The goal is to improve each client company's efficiency and profits. Unlike major consulting firms, we are very specialized rather than offering general consulting services.

OverSight Consulting and Training was established in 2017 as a Limited Liability boutique firm to promote an understanding and to strengthen the oversight at the private and public sectors.

We provide our clients with an exclusive pool of expertise from public sector, private sector and non-government organizations including the United Nations system, international financial and healthcare institutions. We are in the business of advising on governance, accountability, transparency, risk management, training, auditing, investigation and promoting ethics in large and medium sized business entities.

Our team combines the expertise and disciplined approach honed through years with top professional services organizations and the agility of a small, entrepreneurial firm to deliver practical, cost-effective solutions for our clients. Expertise at OverSight Consulting and Training pursue this objectives in many ways: by helping clients address their toughest challenges, by developing ground-breaking and sharing knowledge. PIACG aspires to help leaders realize their full potential, while recognizing that every leadership path is unique.

Oversight Consulting & Training at a Glance

  •  Dedicated to client service, results focused
  •  ‘Big Four’ and/or international experienced resources, with over 25 years average work experience of team members
  •  Pairs the advantages of much larger firm with type of client commitment expected from a small firm
  •  Key competencies include Internal Auditing, Fraud Investigation (prevention, detection, awareness), Quality Assurance, internal Controls, Risk Management, Governance, and much more
  •  Authorized Trainers
  •  Affiliation with global and world class professional associations and institutes

    Our Vision
    To be incessantly commendable for our professionalism and ethical standards as providers of oversight services in a confidential and secure manner to our clients and associates.

    Our Mission
    Deliver consistently rigorous, reliable, strategic and sound advice and practical results-based implementation support. Do it well, do it with integrity, and create value for our clients and our firm.

    Our Values 

    practice seven values. We impart seven values.

    Our values define us and our independence is sacrosanct. Every decision we make at Oversight Consulting and every action we take is always in keeping with our curated value system. We always place our clients’ interest first and do not share client information. We treat client information as if it were our own. We make recommendations which we would personally follow, no matter how unpopular or controversial they may be.

    We are not a business. We are a philosophy practiced by professionals who view ethical business as the highest calling. We use a simple test to determine if we are honoring our principles: can we routinely cite instances were we declined a potentially lucrative deal because it was not in keeping with our value system? We believe there is no point in having principles if we refuse to follow them when it counts the most.

    As a member of the Oversight Consulting community, users and readers must adhere to our value system.

    Our decisions do not compromise our values.

    We are not a value-driven organization pursuing profits. We are a values-driven organization following an internal code of conduct which we always place before monetary gain. Our independence allows us to routinely disagree with clients and share unpopular ideas when doing so places a client’s best interests before our own. We build long-term client relationships and champion counter-intuitive views which may be unpopular to hear, and difficult to execute, but are required to bring about the required changes in clients.

    We display the highest standards of professional integrity.

    Both during our pursuit of your goals, and thereafter, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional conduct. We honor our commitments.

    We manage our clients’ resources and reputations as if they were our own.

    We bring the best of the Firm to every client relationship and may take unpopular steps to enhance our clients’ reputations. We take great pride in refusing to follow conventional wisdom when the data suggests a different approach.

    We practice intellectual humility.

    We generously dispense advice while engaging stakeholders on the belief that respect is a right. It need not be earned. We treat all clients in a manner demonstrating our belief they will one day take a leadership role.

    We keep all information confidential.

    We do not advertise nor market ourselves, or disclose confidential information. We best serve our clients by only enacting discrete initiatives to support their ambitions.

    We let our impact speak for itself.

    We do not promote ourselves and strictly work on a referral basis. Our intentions and results will determine our destiny.

    We strive to develop balanced consulting leaders.

    We will develop our clients’ will, character, capacity and capability to accomplish their goals.

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About Oversight Consulting

Oversight Consulting and Training is a Boutique consulting firms offer businesses and corporations’ highly specialized advice that addresses specific problems or aspects of a business or that provide services to specific types of businesses.

About Us


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