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We, at OverSight, believe that the manager's role in improving his human resources does not stop at providing training, but begins with one. Thereafter, the manager is expected to facilitate environment that allows staff members to practice what they have learnt. Our comprehensive suite of training therefore addresses not only the oversight employees but also the top management responsible for oversight Governance. At OverSight we take a proactive approach to oversight training. Our trainers stay at the cutting edge of knowledge so that you could be kept abreast of the latest. We strive to minimize the time period for internalizing the best practices in oversight and may actually prepare your executives to be in the vanguard of research along with internationally recognized oversight executives.

Some of our training modules include:

vCertified Fraud Examiner, CFE

vInternal Audit and Assurance

• Audit Governance- policies, processes and structures
• Risk assessment for Risk based audit action plan.
• Audit Universe and entity wide strategic reviews.
• External Quality Assessments
• Audit planning, Execution and Reporting,
• Audit communication strategies,
• Audit Performance benchmarking
• Audit tools and techniques for management and audit execution
• Investigation:
• Interviewing techniques for investigators
• Proactive and reactive investigation methodologies
• Protecting stakeholder interests through investigations
• Recognizing fraud, corruption and abuse of authority
• Fraud awareness and promotion of integrity entity-wide

Ethics function
• Establishing structures of ethics function
• Implementing ethics function - code of conduct, awareness campaign, ethics hot line, ombudsman
• Financial disclosures and conflicts of interest

• Accountability framework
• Audit committee roles and responsibilities
• Board level responsibilities and accountabilities
• Compliance issues and personal liabilities of Board and executives

Whereas trainers provide skills; the managers who provide conducive environment for them to practice

Several options are available for skills transfer program of the OverSight.

1. On-site training programs tailor made for the organization
2. Off-site workshops, seminars, conferences and symposiums that allow interaction with other professionals.
3. On-line training programs that cater to the very busy executives and oversight professionals.
4. International conferences that bring together the best practices from across the world to get that strategic edge in implementing them at the right time.

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"Information is power. Power is in the ability to use information. Only a trained mind can take informed decisions. Training is a strategic choice. It adds greatest value to stake holders."


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