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23 - 26 July 2018

1 - 4 October 2018

9 - 12 July 2018

5 - 8 November 2018


1 - 4 July 2018


22 - 25 October 2018


5 - 8 March 2019


4 - 7 February 2019

14 - 17 January 2019



Exam Preparation with a live instructor-led review course:

When you are able to set sometime aside and take away all the distractions, it's amazing what you can learn. The CFE Exam Review Course offers you four days of guidance from experienced instructors, giving you all the tools you need to prepare for and pass the exam.

Benefits of Attending the CFE Exam Review Course:

·         Structured Learning: Learn how to prepare for the CFE Exam

·         Fast Track: Participate in an intense, 4-day preparation period

·         Instructor-Led: Receive guidance from experienced instructors

·         Interactive Sessions: Participate in open discussions on a variety of topics in fraud prevention

·         Team Environment: Meet others preparing for the CFE Exam and practicing CFE instructors to help you organize study sessions, review materials, and to provide you with tips and processes designed for the working professional's busy schedule

·         On-Site Testing: Take advantage of the option to test onsite.

Registration & Fees: The CFE Exam Review Course fills up quickly

·         Fees: The course fees are usually priced around $3,879 + Tax

·         Register now and benefit almost 50% discounted group rate for only: $1,999 + tax

CFE EXAM REVIEW COURSE Price includes all the following:

·         Membership: One year ACFE Associate Membership

·         Application: CFE Exam Application Fee

·         CFE Exam Prep Course International Edition: This comprehensive tool is a computer self-study course that includes study questions and practice exams

·         Fraud Examiners Manual International Edition PDF: The Fraud Examiners Manual (pdf) is a 1,900 page guide exploring examination techniques and procedures

·         CFE Exam Prep Flashcard App (iOS and Android devices): Familiarize yourself with the terminology and concepts covered on the exam with an app consisting of 900 flashcards that complement the CFE Exam Prep Course

·         Attendance Certificate: CFE Exam Review Course (30 CPEs)

·         Full Exam Review Course (4 Days)

·         Exclusive Course material prepared by the ACFE:

·         Workbook (Printed): This study guide offers a breakdown of the key points and foundational concepts found in the 4 sections of the exam

·         Slid eBook (Printed)

·         On site Exam: the option to take the Exam on-site after each day (from your laptop), and

·         Unlimited Retakes at no extra cost: 90 days to complete the CFE Exam with unlimited retakes at no extra cost

If you are already an ACFE member, the ACFE will cover your next year membership



Investigation Techniques

·        Planning the investigation

·        Interview Theory and Application

·        Data Analysis and reporting tools

·        Analyzing Documents

·        Tracing illicit Transactions 

·        Reporting standards 

·        Sources of information 

·        Computer forensics covert examinations

Fraud Prevention and deterrence

·       Understanding  behavior 

·        White-collar crime

·        Corporate governance

·       Management responsibilities 

·        Auditors responsibilities

·        Fraud prevention programs

·        ACFE code of professional ethics

·        Fraud risk assessment 

·        Fraud risk management

Law related to fraud

·        Overview of the U.S. Legal System

·        Legal Rights of Employees

·        Criminal Prosecutions for Fraud 

·        Law Related to Fraud

·        Testifying as expert 

·        Civil Justice System

·        Securities Fraud 

·        Money Laundering 

·        Bankruptcy Fraud

Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes

·        Cash receipts 

·        Theft of intellectual property 

·        Consumer fraud 

·        Fraudulent disbursements 

·        Check and credit card fraud 

·        Accounting concepts 

·        Financial statement fraud 

·        Computer and internet fraud 

·        Bribery and corruption 

·        Procurement fraud 

·        Inventory and other assets 

·        Financial institution fraud 

·        Health care fraud 

·        Insurance fraud 


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