Internal Investigation

As a governance body or stakeholder in an entity, you are constantly concerned about the reputation risks, frauds, regulatory compliance and the financial and operational health of your organization. Many times, the organization may not have the capacity to investigate serious concerns or may not want the unwarranted rumors within the organization. Both situations may result in serious compromise in poorly conducted investigation or unnecessary publicity.

The solution lies in contracting OverSight whose investigators enter your premises, if they must, for collecting evidence confidentially. You get your confidential and highly professional report, after due diligence and in time, for your next steps.

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Your Concerns are our concerns

Searching for help with internal investigations training or performing? Then you've come to the right place!

Here are just some of the questions we can help with:
•    What are your first steps after receiving an employee complaint?
•    What are best-practices for getting accurate information about the allegation?
•    How can an investigative strategy limit your liability - without disrupting your workforce?
•    How to perform an investigation


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