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OverSight Consulting and Training is continuously updating its database of consultants. Our consultants typically work with us on projects involving different oversight services. We welcome experienced oversight experts/advisors to be on our roster and would be glad to receive their resumés. We are currently accepting resumés for the following services. Resumés indicating general interest in our line of business will also be included in our roster of consultants for future use.

Please indicate your preferences for one or more services indicated below.
• Audit Committee membership
• Internal audit
• Enterprise Risk Management
• Internal investigations and Fraud Awareness
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Oversight Training
• Institution building and strengthening programme
• Public Financial Management assessments
• Anti-Fraud, anti-money laundering, anti-corruption advisory
• Corporate Governance


Several opportunities may be knocking your door!

We bring together different opportunities that may interest you. We are client centric and strive to add value to our clients.

If you fit the general and specific requirements of OverSight Consulting and Training, do send your résume to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Oversight Consulting and Training is a Boutique consulting firms offer businesses and corporations’ highly specialized advice that addresses specific problems or aspects of a business or that provide services to specific types of businesses.

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